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Understanding the Roles of Different Dental Professionals

July 31, 2018
Posted By: Joel R. Koch, DDS
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When you visit the dentist, you are probably aware of the different team members, each with a different job title, including dentist, hygienist, assistant, and so on. Let’s take a look at the job description for each so the next time you are at your West Chester general dentist, you’ll know who does what!

What Does a Dentist Do?

The dentist is the one who will conduct your oral examination, looking for signs of tooth decay, damaged teeth, and other potential problems. The dentist will also be the one to provide treatment, such as filling cavities and providing root canal therapy.

What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

An oral surgeon—also referred to as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon—makes diagnoses and treatments on issues involving the head, neck, face, jaw, and hard and soft tissues of the mouth. If surgery is needed to fix a broken jaw or to extract wisdom teeth, you will likely go to the oral surgeon.

What Does a Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist receives training to conduct your biannual teeth cleaning. They also check the gums for signs of disease and provide education to patients on how to take care of their oral health.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

The work of a dental assistant will vary from practice to practice, and they may find themselves doing everything from providing patient care to scheduling appointments.

What Does the Office Staff Do?

Running a dental practice is like running any other kind of business in that there are company operations to tend to, such as personnel, accounting, and payroll. Front office staff usually have initial contact with patients who come into the practice, unlike back office staff who primarily focus on behind-the-scenes work and assist with patients in the treatment rooms.

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