Crowns & Bridges in West Chester OH

Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Joel R. Koch, where we strive to offer you the very best in modern dentistry.

Here at our West Chester, OH dental office, we provide our patients with various treatment options when they need to repair, restore, enhance, or upgrade their smiles. We can keep your smile healthy with teeth cleanings and routine checkups, but there may come a time when you break a tooth or lose one altogether; this is the time when Dr. Koch would recommend our beautiful dental crowns and bridges.

If you would like to make an appointment to receive a dental restoration or are interested in learning more about the types of dentistry we offer, we invite you to contact us by calling (513) 779-2200 during our business hours Monday through Saturday. 

Dental Restorations in West Chester, OH 

woman with dental crowns smiling in west chester Restorative dentistry services like tooth crowns and bridges are some of the most crucial treatments we offer at our dental practice. Artificial tooth replacements play a unique role in the health and appearance of many smiles that would otherwise suffer from natural tooth loss. 

If you’ve experienced tooth loss or dental damage, you can benefit from crowns for teeth and dental bridges. Missing teeth or teeth that have been damaged by trauma or decay aren’t just unattractive and unhealthy—they also impact your quality of life. For instance, it’s hard to go out and socialize with friends when even simple actions, such as speaking and chewing food, can be a challenge.

Dental crowns, whether used on their own or combined with dental implants, give a realistic, lifelike appearance to damaged and missing teeth. On the other hand, we use dental bridges to take the place of missing teeth and fill in the gaps within your smile. No matter what type of dental damage you’re living with, we can use a dental restoration to repair it. 

Our goal is always to offer the highest quality dental care that will still take your personal needs and circumstances into account. Our West Chester, OH dentist has years of experience creating restorations that look natural and feel durable, which allows him to create dental restorations that blend seamlessly with your smile. 

How We Use Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns and bridges each play an essential but distinctly different role in restorative dentistry. 

Here in our dental office, we use dental crowns in West Chester, OH to restore the form and function of a tooth weakened by damage. You can think of a crown as a helmet for your tooth to protect it from further damage and strengthen it against attackers. 

In addition to being useful in restorative dentistry, crowns can also solve cosmetic concerns. Shiny, white, natural-looking tooth caps are perfect for covering up teeth that don’t look ideal or don’t match the rest of a smile. 

Our crowns for teeth are versatile and useful in a variety of different situations. Here are a few cases where a dental crown may be the most appropriate treatment:

  • To provide support and protection for a tooth after root canal treatment.
  • To complete or “top off” a dental implant post.
  • To reinforce a tooth weakened by teeth grinding.
  • To protect a broken tooth that can’t be fixed with dental bonding.
  • To hide an unsightly or discolored tooth that isn’t responsive to teeth whitening. 
  • To strengthen a tooth that had a large cavity and needed a correspondingly large filling.
  • To cover cosmetic flaws like teeth that are unusually small or pointy. 

At Joel R. Koch, D.D.S., we offer several different materials to customize a dental crown that fits your unique needs. Depending on which of your teeth needs the crown, you may choose another material. 

image of a dental bridge in west chesterFor your West Chester dental crown, you have the choice between all porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold. For most situations, our patients typically prefer all-porcelain crowns because they blend seamlessly with the smile. You can choose that is best for your mouth; however, Dr. Koch may recommend a specific type of material for a back molar or tooth that endures significant force from chewing. 

Unlike many other dental offices across the country, we use an on-site dental lab to fabricate all of our dental restorations. Having a lab right here cuts down on shipping time and allows us to work closely with our ceramicist to ensure that you are thrilled with the outcome!

If you have a broken, chipped, compromised, yellow, or unattractive tooth that you would like to treat with a dental crown, please contact us to schedule a visit.

Fixed Bridges in the 45241 Area 

In addition to crowns for teeth, we also rely on dental bridges to repair damaged smiles and replace missing teeth. 

Missing teeth are unattractive and can affect your ability to speak and chew comfortably. Additionally, if you leave a missing tooth unaddressed for very long, it will negatively affect your remaining teeth and cause them to shift out of position in an attempt to fill in the empty gap. 

At Joel R. Koch, D.D.S., we use fixed bridges to fill the space left by a missing tooth to restore your ability to enjoy life again. As the name “bridge” suggests, these dental restorations provide a covering that spans from one natural tooth to another, hiding and filling the void left behind when you lose a tooth. 

Dental bridges serve an essential cosmetic purpose for patients who don’t want to live with an obvious hole in their smile and provide a way for teeth to look natural and uninterrupted once more. 

Additionally, the placement of a dental bridge is also good for your oral health. As soon as a tooth falls out or gets extracted, neighboring teeth start to move into the empty space, leading to tooth misalignment and problems, including grinding your teeth and even painful joint dysfunctions. Dental bridges, and the artificial tooth crowns that often exist alongside them, help to relieve some of these common issues. 

Dr. Koch regularly recommends dental bridges for his patients because these bridges help solve existing problems and: 

  • Allow you to chew and eat normally
  • Fill up spaces left behind by missing natural teeth
  • Prevent movement of surrounding teeth
  • Provide a permanent alternative to a removable partial denture
  • Help you feel more confident in your smile, even after tooth loss

A fixed bridge attaches to adjacent teeth by using either the existing teeth’s natural tooth crowns or artificial dental crowns. This attachment process makes the dental bridge very stable. 

If you don’t have many healthy teeth remaining in your smile, we can also talk to you about the possibility of adding a dental implant for the greatest stability possible. We will always personalize your dental care as much as we can and make the most helpful recommendations based on your individual oral health needs. 

Convenient, Personalized Dental Care in West Chester, OH

You don’t need to live with teeth that are uncomfortable and diminish your confidence. At the dental office of Dr. Joel R. Koch, we can use dental crowns and bridges in West Chester, OH to improve both the health and the appearance of your smile. 

To schedule a dental consultation with us, please call (513) 779-2200 today!