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Dental Frequent Questions | Joes R Koch DDSWe believe that we can provide the highest quality dentistry when our patients are an active part of the decision-making process. Answering your questions isn't just a courtesy—it gives us an opportunity to explain things to you in such a way that you feel confident about the information you're receiving and what it means to you and the direction of your oral health care. No question is too small, and the only silly question is the one that goes unasked. 

We've shared a few of the questions we hear most often below. You probably have plenty of your own, though, so please don't ever hesitate to contact our West Chester dental office, and we'll find the answers you're looking for.


teeth cleaning tools in west chester ohAffordable Dentistry for All

We are pleased to extend a 7% discount for patients who pay for services using a credit card, cash, or personal check. As a special courtesy to our senior patients, we offer a 10% discount on all services. These discounts cannot be combined, so please note we can only accept one discount per patient visit.

Call Your West Chester Dentist

Please call our office if you would like more information about our patient discount program. We can't wait to work with you and your family.

image of a dentist in west chester ohDr. Joel R. Koch has been practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years. During this time, he gained valuable insights and experience that benefits our patients every day. 

For Dr. Koch, learning everything he can about dentistry didn't end with dental school. For decades, he has devoted himself to staying current with all the latest developments in dentistry through continuing education classes, seminars, and specialized training.

Need a New West Chester Dentist?

This training, combined with years of hands-on clinical experience, ensures that you will always receive the highest quality dentistry available today. Give Dr. Koch a call today to see our services for yourself. 

image of a dentist in west chester ohYour West Chester Dentist

We are conveniently located on Cincinnati Columbus Road in West Chester, next door to Valvoline Oil Change and near the intersection of Dimmick Road. Please call our office or check our contact page for more information.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans don't cover procedures they consider cosmetic dentistry, like porcelain veneers or professional teeth whitening. However, they will likely cover a portion of a dental crown or filling that might be included in your cosmetic treatment plan. So you may receive some benefits for specific procedures.

Other Payment Options

If the cost of treatment is a concern for you, we're happy to work with you to find ways to fit your cosmetic dentistry into your budget comfortably. Dr. Koch works with third-party financing companies like CareCredit and Springstone to help patients break the cost of their treatment into affordable monthly payments. 

Dr. Koch is also proud to extend a seven percent discount for patients who pay for their treatment in full with cash, check, or credit cards. In addition, senior patients will receive a ten percent savings on their dental services.

If you're interested in learning more about what's possible for your smile with cosmetic dentistry in West Chester, OH, we invite you to schedule an initial evaluation with Dr. Koch to discuss your options. Along with your treatment plan, we'll also talk about easy ways for you to comfortably fit your treatment into your budget.

Call (513) 779-2200 to schedule your evaluation.

girl smiling after a cosmetic makeover in west chester ohA common misconception people have about cosmetic dentistry is that it has to be expensive, but it doesn’t. Today we use cutting-edge techniques and advanced materials to help anyone who wants to improve their smile.

A Personalized Smile Makeover

The first step is to schedule an appointment with our West Chester, OH cosmetic dentist. One of the first things Dr. Koch will do when he meets with you is to get a clear idea of what improvements you would like to make and what your priorities are.

When we know what your goals are, we can design a smile makeover that is unique to you and your needs. Because we now have access to such a broad range of incredible dental materials, there’s often more than one way to address a particular smile flaw. 

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

For example, cosmetic flaws such as chipped, broken, or unevenly spaced teeth may not require porcelain veneers to fix. In many of these instances, Dr. Koch can use affordable cosmetic bonding to conceal the imperfections. 

Or, you may have given up on dull, stained, or yellow teeth only to find that professional teeth whitening is fast, cost-effective, and dramatically improves your smile.

Let’s Explore What’s Possible for Your Smile!

If you’re wondering how cosmetic dentistry in West Chester, OH can fit your budget, please call us to arrange a dental appointment. You and Dr. Koch can explore the possibilities for you and come up with a treatment plan that fits your budget. 

We look forward to helping you love your smile again!

Today cosmetic dentists have more ways to enhance your smile than ever before. In fact, there are so many options, that you may be a little overwhelmed by all your choices!

Whether you want your smile brighter, straighter, or more uniform in appearance, cosmetic dentistry in West Chester, OH has the solution.

mom and daughter after teeth whitening in west chester Dull, Discolored, or Stained Teeth

If you’re tired of yellow teeth or teeth that are stained by red wine, coffee, or smoking, professional teeth whitening will help. Dr. Koch offers in-office and take-home whitening to get rid of tooth staining and restore your youthful smile.

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

Teeth are durable but not indestructible. If you’re bothered by broken teeth or small chips along their edges, dental bonding is a conservative solution. We also offer porcelain veneers for a more dramatic smile makeover.

Gapped Teeth or Uneven Spacing

Wide gaps or uneven spacing between teeth can detract from a healthy smile. Dr. Koch often uses dental bonding to close the gaps and give you the consistent, uniform smile you desire.

Call Us to Schedule an Appointment

If you want a smile that you can feel proud showing off, call us to schedule a dental appointment. Dr. Koch is a cosmetic dentist in West Chester who has decades of experience in helping patients love their smiles again.

Dentistry and the materials we use are always evolving and improving. Today, a cosmetic dentist has several options for resolving chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. One of them is cosmetic dental bonding at our West Chester, OH dental office, which is an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.

girl getting chipped tooth repaired in west chesterProblems We Fix with Dental Bonding

There are all sorts of smile flaws that can bother you, but many of them are minor. For example, a chipped tooth may that’s not noticeable to anyone else is all you see when you look in the mirror.

Some of the smile imperfections we conceal with dental bonding are:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Uneven gaps between teeth
  • Severe tooth staining
  • Teeth that appear too short

Dental Bonding – An Easy Process

Dental bonding is affordable because the material is the same we use for white tooth-colored fillings, and the process itself is straightforward. In fact, bonding is so easy that we can often treat several teeth during one appointment. And, since the procedure is non-invasive, there’s no need to numb your mouth.

To make the repair, Dr. Koch uses a custom-shaded, tooth-colored material that’s a mixture of glass and resin particles. He custom shades it to match neighboring teeth and shapes it on your tooth to achieve the natural-looking results you desire.

If you care for your teeth properly and visit us for routine dental cleanings and exams, dental bonding can last as long as five years.

Call Us to Book an Appointment

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist who can help you with dental bonding in West Chester, OH, please call the office of Joel R. Koch, DDS to arrange an appointment.

If you need a dental crown in West Chester, OH, it means you have:

  • A weak or vulnerable tooth at risk for breakage
  • Completed a root canal treatment
  • A tooth flaw you’d like to conceal
  • Decided on tooth replacement—single dental implant or bridge

A dental crown is a hollow, tooth-shaped shield that fits over your treated tooth. We design your dental crown to look like your natural teeth and to restore function.

The cost of your dental crown depends on many factors, including:

  • Dental crown material—We offer gold, porcelain, or porcelain meets metal tooth crowns.
  • Insurance coverage—Insurance may pay some or all of the cost based on policy language and purpose.
  • Reason for the crown—A crown for a dental implant may be priced differently than a post-root canal crown.

At your consultation, your dentist discusses the various dental crown options with you—including the cost—to help you make an informed choice for your smile and budget.

Your West Chester, OH Dentist Offers Quality Dental Crowns

Do you have a weak or damaged tooth? Are you considering smile restoration? If either of these sounds like you, reach out to a team member to schedule a friendly conversation with our dentist. And always give us a call if you have questions.  

Cosmetic dentistry is considered any dental procedure that enhances your smile. That being said, it should also be noted that restorative and cosmetic dentistry often go hand-in-hand. For example, you may need a dental crown to repair a decayed or broken tooth (restorative dentistry), but the crown will also complement and enhance your smile (cosmetic dentistry).

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry in West Chester, OH, can include these types of procedures:

At our West Chester dental office, we have our own on-site dental lab. In addition, Dr. Koch works closely with our ceramicist to ensure you're delighted with the results of your restoration and cosmetic dentistry. 

If you're considering making changes to the appearance of your smile, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Koch. He's helped hundreds of patients achieve their dream smiles with cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Koch will gather information during that appointment to help him determine your goals and ideas for your smile. Then he'll customize a treatment plan for you based on that information, considering your budget, lifestyle, and scheduling needs. 

Your new smile awaits! Contact us at (513) 779-2200 to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Koch.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns in West Chester, OH are made of quality materials that may include the following:

  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain and Metal
  • Gold

These options allow you and your dentist to choose the crown that will work best for its intended purpose. For example, you may need a crown following root canal treatment or support a damaged tooth. You may also choose a dental crown to conceal tooth flaws. Additionally, they work in tooth replacement—topping a dental implant post or attaching a dental bridge to healthy teeth for support.

How long your dental crown holds up depends on a few factors, but it can last for up to 15 years if you incorporate healthy habits and visit your dentist regularly.

Healthy habits to improve the longevity of your crown include:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth (and crown) after each meal or twice daily
  • Talking to your dentist if you suspect bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth at night)
  • Wearing the right mouthguard if you participate in contact athletics
  • Talking to your dentist if you notice changes, including a loosening crown

For More on Dental Crowns, Contact Your West Chester, OH Dentist

Dental crowns offer a variety of practical and aesthetic uses, and we are happy to offer them in our dental office. If you have a weak or lost tooth, give us a call to arrange a visit with our dentist.

Your West Chester, OH dentist offers different types of dental crowns made from diverse materials, including:

  • Gold
  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain fused with metal

Porcelain crowns are the most requested because they integrate easily with natural teeth and your smile.

However, for specific purposes, your dentist may recommend another type of crown for improved function. At your consultation, your dentist will discuss the various option and help you choose a crown type that is right for you.

A dental crown is a tooth cap cemented over a prepared tooth. Your dentist customizes it to match your teeth and function correctly with your bite.

We use dental crowns for many purposes, including:

  • Capping a dental implant after bone integration
  • Concealing tooth flaws like chips and discoloration
  • Restoring function to a damaged or vulnerable tooth
  • Fastening restoration teeth to healthy teeth via a dental bridge

No matter which crown type you choose, your dentist provides aftercare and upkeep instructions to help you get the most out of your restoration. Fortunately, this means treating your crown like a natural tooth!

For Dental Crowns in West Chester, OH, Contact Us

A dental crown can save your tooth, conceal flaws, or work as part of tooth replacement. Reach out today to arrange your consultation with our West Chester dentist.

Dental Implant Restoration

girl smiling with dental implants in west chester oh Losing just one tooth can lead to a series of events that can seriously compromise your overall oral health. The empty space left by a missing tooth gives surrounding teeth room to move into the void and surrounding bone can start to deteriorate.

Considering Tooth Replacement

It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, and dental implants are a popular and effective solution. A dental implant is surgically placed in your jawbone and serves as a replacement root for the missing tooth.

First, we will refer you to a trusted local oral surgeon who places a titanium replacement root into your jaw. This is the underlying piece of the implant. Once the implant has been secured in the jaw bone, healing usually takes several months. When we’re familiar with your case, we’ll be able to give you a better estimate. After the bone heals, we anchor a replacement tooth like a crown, bridge, or denture to the implant.

Implant Consultations in West Chester

Secure, durable dental implants have changed the way we look at tooth replacement, and there’s a lot to consider when thinking about having a dental implant placed. We encourage you to contact our West Chester dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient consultation with Dr. Koch.

Emergency Dentistry

At Joel R. Koch, DDS, we treat dental emergencies as quickly as possible, even setting aside time in our schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic, in fact, we remained open to emergencies. Your emergency dentist in West Chester never wants to see his patients in pain or risking their smiles.

Your emergency dental appointment is designed to relieve your pain and restore your oral health. When you contact a member of our compassionate team, you’ll receive instructions about what to do until your appointment time. For example, if your tooth was knocked out, we typically suggest keeping it in a glass of milk or saliva. With prompt treatment, your dentist can often reset this tooth.

In some cases, we complete treatment during your emergency visit, but sometimes we relieve your pain, eliminate any risk, and finish the work during a follow-up appointment.

Symptoms of a dental emergency may include one or more of the following:

  • Toothache or increased tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw swelling
  • Gum blister
  • Broken tooth or restoration
  • Tooth or restoration knocked out

If ever you’re in doubt, we encourage you to contact our dental office for reassurance and guidance.

For dental emergencies in West Chester, or if you have concerns about your teeth, contact a member of our compassionate dental staff today.

Dental emergencies tend to happen when we least expect or when it is inconvenient—before an event, for example.

A dental emergency in West Chester, OH can mean anything from severe tooth decay to root infection, from a broken tooth or restoration to a tooth knocked out. There are too many scenarios to imagine them all, which is why we always encourage you to contact us if you’re unsure.

As far as prevention, there are steps you can take to avoid future dental emergencies.

First, make sure to see your dentist in West Chester twice yearly for dental exams and teeth cleanings. These proactive services help prevent cavities, root infection, and gum disease.

Second, make sure to brush and floss your teeth at least two times every day.

Third, if you have bruxism, be sure to wear a nightguard during sleep.

Fourth, never use your teeth as a tool to open a bottle or similar undertaking.

Finally, always wear protective face gear like a mouthguard when participating in contact sports.

If you have a dental emergency in West Chester, we are here to treat the problem promptly to restore your oral health and comfort.  Reach out to a team member at the first sign of trouble.

We make time in our schedule to address dental emergencies as soon as possible—typically, the same day. If you have a dental emergency in West Chester, OH, we encourage you to contact our dental office as soon as possible; waiting and hoping for the best can put your oral health at risk and even compromise your systemic wellness.

There are all types of dental emergencies, but the most common is probably root infection or deep decay, which may cause swelling and a powerful toothache.

If you have a toothache and swelling, it is a dental emergency because this means you likely have an infection. Untreated infections can spread and compromise your tooth, the surrounding teeth, and even other body systems.

Other ways you can tell you have a dental emergency is through mouth trauma that results in the following:

  • Tooth or restoration knocked out or knocked loose
  • Injury to the soft tissue
  • Ongoing bleeding

If you experience trauma outside the tooth and gum area, it is important to seek emergency medical care promptly. You can contact our dental office from the emergency room after you’ve been declared safe.

We are here for your dental emergencies. If you’re unsure whether your situation is an emergency, contact our dental office.

Full & Partial Dentures

If you want to replace missing teeth, full and partial dentures are time-tested tooth replacements that have helped millions of people regain the function and beauty of their smile.

Fortunately, modern dentures at our West Chester, OH dental office look, fit, and feel better than ever before, so no one will suspect they're not your teeth.

We Offer Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implant Dentures

Dr. Koch offers three different types of dentures:

  • Full dentures - If you are missing all your upper or lower teeth or both, full removable dentures restore appearance and chewing function.
  • Partial dentures - For patients who are missing one or two teeth, or teeth in different parts of the mouth, we customize partial removable dentures to fit in and around remaining teeth to complete your smile.
  • Implant dentures – Removable dentures are an excellent option, but attaching them to dental implants placed in your jaw stabilizes them and eliminates unpredictable movement and shifting.

The first step is to meet with Dr. Koch at our West Chester, OH dental office, so we can explore your denture options together. We'll customize your dentures using modern materials that complement your facial features and enhance your appearance. Our dentures never look fake, because you are part of the planning process and have the final say in the design and appearance of your dentures.

Dentures have improved dramatically in fit, feel, function, and appearance. If you want to replace missing teeth and are considering full or partial dentures in West Chester, OH, we would love to help you.

Call to Schedule Your Dentures Appointment in West Chester 

Call us today to schedule an appointment to get started.

Periodontal Treatment

dentist giving a deep teeth clean in west chester ohOne of the first and most obvious symptoms of gum disease is bleeding gums. You may also see other signs that gum disease is present, like red, tender, or puffy gums.

Staying on Top of Gum Disease Signs

It's important to recognize that you have gum disease and take steps to treat it. However, one of the reasons that gum disease is so prevalent is that there are often no noticeable symptoms at all. You can see why we strongly recommend routine exams and cleanings—these basic procedures are one of the easiest ways to catch gum disease in its early stages before too much damage has been done. If we catch it soon enough, gum disease can easily be treated, removing the infection and minimizing the risk of future problems.

Gum disease doesn’t go away by itself, and you can’t prevent it just by brushing and flossing more, although that’s always a good idea! The only way to prevent gum disease or treat it when it occurs is with routine professional dental cleanings.

Professional Dental Cleanings in West Chester

Once you’ve had gum disease, you are always at risk for getting it again. Please call our West Chester office for an appointment, and we’ll be happy to perform a thorough exam and cleaning to prevent and treat gum disease.

Porcelain Veneers

Achieve Your Goals with Porcelain Veneers 

If you aspire to have a “Hollywood” smile, porcelain veneers available at our West Chester, OH dental office can help you achieve your goals. With proper care that includes diligent oral hygiene and dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months, your veneers can last ten years or longer.

Long-Lasting Porcelain Veneers 

Dental porcelain is strong and durable and is a beautiful, lifelike material that has mimics the translucent appearance of tooth enamel. Veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain that we customize to sit on the front surfaces of your teeth. Since they conceal what’s beneath, our dentist uses veneers to correct aesthetic flaws like:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Uneven gaps between teeth
  • Tooth size or shape differences
  • Badly stained or discolored teeth
  • Slight tooth misalignment

Dr. Koch must remove a thin layer of tooth enamel to place your dental veneers at our West Chester dental office, so the procedure itself is permanent. But your restorations are not, so we will need to replace them every 10 or 15 years.

While they’re quite durable, dental veneers are prone to chipping along the edges if you’re not careful. Don’t bite your nails, chew on ice, or use your teeth to open packages. Avoid very hard or crunchy foods or popcorn that can chip your veneer. During your six-month dental exams, Dr. Koch also checks the health of your veneer teeth and the restorations themselves to make sure they’re in good condition. 

We would love to meet with you to see if porcelain veneers at our West Chester, OH dental office are right for you. Please call us to schedule an appointment to get started.

Preventive Services

child after teeth cleaning in west chester oh We agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that states a child should be seen by their dentist no later than age one.

Why Age One?

We understand this may seem young to some parents. However, the sooner we start providing preventive services like cleanings, the better the odds of your child enjoying a healthy smile. Early visits also establish a pattern of proper dental care for your child and help avoid dental anxiety that can last into adulthood.

Picture your child’s primary teeth as the building blocks for good oral health. Baby teeth are designed to hold a space for permanent teeth that will follow. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, surrounding teeth may start to shift into the empty space. This movement can lead to crooked or crowded teeth and a host of other oral health problems.

Kids' Dentist in West Chester

Of course, as parents, you want to know that your child is safe, secure and in good hands. At Joel R. Koch, DDS, we go out of our way to put your child at ease. These early visits set the stage for future oral health care, so we make every visit as pleasant and fun as possible.

If it’s time for your child’s first checkup, please call our West Chester dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.

Teeth Whitening

teeth cleaning | west chester The teeth whitening treatment options available in our West Chester, OH dental office are safe for most clients.

Are You a Candidate for Whitening?

Unlike store-bought whitening systems, our whitening therapy is prescription-grade and overseen by a dental professional. Additionally, a member of our caring dental team will assess your oral health to make sure that teeth whitening is right for you. We’ll make sure that you don’t have any underlying dental issues like infections or cavities prior to your professional teeth whitening.

At Joel R. Koch, DDS, we offer two teeth whitening options, and both are highly effective.

The first teeth whitening therapy relies on whitening right here in our West Chester, OH dental office. This is the fastest way to achieve a whiter smile.

However, if you’re not in a hurry and would prefer to whiten your teeth on your time, we offer custom take-home trays and prescription-strength gel, too.

Our take-home kits come with detailed instructions so you can whiten safely and effectively without ever leaving the comfort of your living room.

Teeth Whitening with Dr. Joel Koch

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatments in West Chester, OH, contact Joel R. Koch, DDS, today. The sooner you call, the faster you’ll achieve your brighter and whiter smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We Offer Tooth-Colored Fillings in West Chester

If you have a cavity, Dr. Koch needs to remove the decay and restore the tooth so that it functions as it should and looks better than when we found it. In the past, dentists were limited by the materials available, like silver amalgam fillings, which were durable, but more functional than aesthetic.

Today, dentistry has evolved, and Dr. Koch offers his West Chester, OH patients tooth-colored fillings—also known as composite fillings—that improve the aesthetics and function of your smile. They make strong and durable repairs and won’t leave a dark spot in your smile as amalgam fillings do.

Tooth-colored fillings are a blend of resin and glass particles that mimics the appearance of tooth enamel, which is why we also refer to them as dental composites or composite fillings. Dr. Koch customizes tooth-colored fillings for your smile by color-matching the shade to match the tooth he’s repairing to create a seamless repair.

After Dr. Koch expertly places the filling in your tooth, you’ll know it’s there, but you won’t be able to detect it—and no one else will either! Tooth-colored dental fillings blend in so naturally that we rely on them for a treatment called dental bonding that repairs aesthetic flaws like broken or chipped teeth. With proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last from five to seven years.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in West Chester

Are you living with a cavity that needs attention or chipped or broken teeth that can benefit from cosmetic bonding? Call our West Chester, OH dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koch to get started.

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