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Toothbrushes: Choosing the Right One

April 30, 2021
Posted By: Joel R. Koch, DDS
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When it comes to your oral hygiene routine, brushing your teeth regularly is extremely important. You should brush your teeth at least two minutes twice a day. However, using the right toothbrush is also vital in maintaining your oral health. 

If you’re using the wrong toothbrush, your brushing won’t be as effective, so you won’t enjoy the best oral health possible. 

Regular vs. Electric Toothbrush

One of the most obvious differences in toothbrushes is their style. Should you use a regular, manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush, or a battery-operated model? The truth is as far as your oral health goes, this doesn’t change much. However, different styles of toothbrushes are better for some people than others due to their lifestyle or health needs. 

An electric or battery-operated toothbrush may fit your needs best if you:

  • Have arthritis or other dexterity issues that limit your hand and/or wrist movement
  • Have trouble brushing for at least two minutes and need the help of a built-in timer
  • Don’t feel like you’re achieving a proper cleaning with a manual toothbrush

Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristles?

We recommend soft-bristled toothbrushes to our patients in most cases. Medium and hard bristles may cause gum irritation or damage to your tooth enamel. A soft-bristled toothbrush provides excellent cleaning and plaque control when used appropriately and for the right length of time. 

When Should I Get a New Toothbrush?

Many people aren’t aware that their toothbrushes need regular replacement. Old toothbrushes often aren’t as effective as new toothbrushes due to wear and tear, like damaged bristles. Toothbrushes can also collect germs and grow bacteria over time, which isn’t good for your teeth or your overall health.

We recommend replacing your toothbrush when you begin to notice damaged bristles or other signs of wear or every three months, whichever comes first. Also, if you are sick with a virus or cold, it is always a good idea to switch your toothbrush out for a new one once you’ve recovered to eliminate the germs. 

Prevent Cavities in West Chester, OH

With a good oral hygiene routine and the right toothbrush, you can maintain excellent oral health, preventing cavities and other dental problems from developing. It’s also important to visit our dental office regularly for dental cleanings and exams. 

Reach out today to schedule your dental cleaning with the friendly team at Joel R. Koch, DDS. We provide outstanding dental care in the West Chester, OH area.

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