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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Your Best Option

December 15, 2021
Posted By: Joel R. Koch, DDS
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'Tis the season for parties, family photos, and socially-distanced holiday gatherings. As you prepare for a bustling holiday season, don't forget to schedule your professional teeth whitening with your West Chester, OH dentist. Professional teeth whitening will make your smile beautiful, bright, and camera-ready!

If your teeth look yellow, dull, or dark, it may be time to seek professional teeth whitening in Chester, OH. Here are three reasons why teeth whitening is your best option for removing stains and getting a white, bright smile. 

#1 Fast and Highly Effective

Professional teeth whitening at our dental office is a fast and easy treatment. Our in-office bleaching gel contains a higher hydrogen peroxide content than at-home treatments, which allows us to remove stains more quickly and effectively. We also use light or heat to speed up the process and intensify your whitening results. In a single dental appointment, patients can achieve a smile that's several shades brighter. 

#2 Brighter, Longer-Lasting Smile

One of the most significant benefits of professional teeth whitening is the detailed and personalized treatment you receive. Your dentist first examines your smile to make sure professional teeth whitening is right for you, and they also thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar to optimize your results. 

During treatment, your dentist monitors the process to make it as painless and comfortable as possible, so you don't have tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Unlike at-home whitening, professional whitening penetrates the teeth and thoroughly removes stain-causing molecules from within. The results are dramatically improved and longer-lasting than at-home whitening systems. 

#3 Enhanced Comfort and Safe 

With professional teeth whitening, there's less of a risk for tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or damage that can occur with at-home teeth whitening. Those who use at-home whitening may not know how to apply the gel safely. If left too long, whitening gel dehydrates the teeth and causes sensitivity.

Also, if whitening gel touches the gums, it can cause irritation and pain. However, your dentist prepares and protects the mouth before using the whitening agent. Your dentist knows how to avoid dental or gum damage and irritation so you can have the best possible outcome.

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