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The Difference between General and Cosmetic Dentistry

July 16, 2022
Posted By: Joel R. Koch DDS
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When your goal is a smile that is both healthy and beautiful, you can understand how the best dentist is one who can provide for both aspects of your teeth under one roof. At Joel R. Koch, DDS, we bring 30 years of dental experience to caring for smiles.

This experience has taught our team that excellent dental care combines the best aspects of each discipline, such that excellent general dental care is also aesthetic, and well-performed cosmetic dentistry can improve oral health.

General Dentistry Focuses on Prevention

Though young people and senior citizens seem to share little in common, the need for preventive dental care is one we all share. While your day-to-day brushing and flossing routine is essential, regular exams and cleanings are just as vital to avoiding a lifetime of dental problems.

For example, if you have a developing cavity, we can detect it early at your routine appointment and treat it with a composite filling. This procedure solves your cavity, but because the filling material matches your tooth, it will not detract from its appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry Reveals Your Ideal Smile

While solid oral health should be your top priority, you also benefit in numerous ways from a smile you want to show off. Studies and surveys show how people respond more positively to those who smile than those who do not. In addition, an easy smile exudes friendliness and openness and has even been shown to make you feel better.

Dr. Koch and his team have been improving smiles for decades, and we stay current with the latest in dental materials and techniques, so you have multiple options for reaching your smile goals.

A dental crown is another example of how we take advantage of the best restorations for all. While this restoration completely covers a damaged tooth to protect and preserve it, we use high-quality porcelain ceramic materials that look just like natural tooth enamel while resisting staining and decay.

Comprehensive General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Olde West Chester, OH

Achieving excellent oral health and a dream smile is possible for those who seek care with Dr. Joel Koch, DDS. To learn more about how we can perform treatments that maximize results in health and appearance, we invite you to call our dental office to arrange an appointment.

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