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Americans Are Drinking Less Soda – 4 Ways to Help You Break the Habit

December 29, 2017
Posted By: Joel R. Koch, DDS
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Although Americans are drinking a lot less soda than they used to, plenty of people still drink these sugary beverages on a daily basis. Most people are aware that these drinks are not only unhealthy and full of empty calories, but they can wreak havoc on your oral health.

If you are a West Chester, OH resident trying to break the soda habit before your next visit to the dentist, read on for some tips.

1. Stay Hydrated with Water

If you’re thirsty, reach for a glass of water instead of a soda. Add fruit to the water to give it some flavor.

If you miss the caffeine kick from soda, try a healthier version of caffeine such as antioxidant-rich green tea. If you miss the carbonation, try seltzer or sparkling water, which come in many different flavors.

2. Get Support from Others

Let your friends and family know that you are trying to kick the soda habit. They can offer their support—and they can help you stay accountable. If you find yourself feeling crabby because you are consuming less caffeine, it’s a good idea to let them know what you are doing.

3. Clean Up Your Environment

If you don’t have soda in your refrigerator, you are less likely to drink it. Keep it out of the house and out of your work environment, if possible. If your workplace has soda vending machines, try advocating for healthier options.

4. Stay Busy

If you find yourself mindlessly reaching for a soda, grab a healthy snack instead. Keep yourself busy to avoid boredom, which is often when it is most tempting to slip back into bad habits.

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Resolve to take better care of your overall and oral health by kicking the soda habit. Your West Chester, OH dentist will thank you! 

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