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What Can You Do to Achieve a Whiter Smile?

November 13, 2022
Posted By: Joel R. Koch, DDS
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There are various ways to whiten yellow and stained teeth, from crowns to veneers. However, the most inexpensive way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile is through Professional teeth whitening with your cosmetic dentist.

Professional teeth whitening in West Chester, OH, starts with a thorough consultation, especially if you’re a new dental family member or have not been in to see us for a while. The dentist wants to ensure that our teeth whitening products are safe for your smile. At this appointment, your dentist will decide, based on your oral health, if whitening is safe for you and provide alternatives if necessary.

Leave Teeth Whitening in West Chester, OH, to the Professionals

Dental professionals rely on prescription-grade teeth whitening systems for optimal results. And our products are far superior to anything you can purchase online or in your local drugstore.

Our dental team is trained to provide safe and optimal teeth whitening, allowing you to smile confidently.

Avoid Products that Over Promise and Underdeliver!

There are many gimmicky dental products on the market. However, many of these products promise stunning results and easy application. Don’t be fooled!

Over-the-counter teeth whitening systems can be too harsh for your smile. They can leave you with sensitive teeth and even enamel damage. You can also experience lackluster or uneven whitening results.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening

Our professional teeth whitening system can be used at home, allowing you to whiten your smile according to your schedule. You simply follow the instructions provided by a dental team member. And always call if you have any questions.

Your take-home kit lets you touch up your results whenever you’d like and be ready for significant life events.

Contact Your Cosmetic Dentist in West Chester, OH

Cosmetic teeth whitening is the best and safest way to achieve a brighter, younger-looking smile. To get started or if you have questions about our treatments, give us a call today.

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