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At what age should I bring my child for their first cleaning?

childrens dentist west chester We agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that states a child should be seen by their dentist no later than age one.

We understand this may seem young to some parents. However, the sooner we start providing preventive services like cleanings, the better the odds of your child enjoying a healthy smile. Early visits also establish a pattern of proper dental care for your child and help avoid dental anxiety that can last into adulthood.

Picture your child’s primary teeth as the building blocks for good oral health. Baby teeth are designed to hold a space for permanent teeth that will follow. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, surrounding teeth may start to shift into the empty space. This movement can lead to crooked or crowded teeth and a host of other oral health problems.

Of course, as parents you want to know that your child is safe, secure and in good hands. At Joel R. Koch, DDS, we go out of our way to put your child at ease. These early visits set the stage for future oral health care, so we make every visit as pleasant and fun as possible.

If it’s time for your child’s first checkup, please call our West Chester dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.

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