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Debunking Dental Myths

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Visiting your dentist regularly may be one of the most important steps you can take for your health, yet myths about oral care are common. Many of these myths have been around for years, despite information at our fingertips. Here’s the truth behind five dental myths that will help you make informed decisions about your oral hygiene and health.

Myth: I only need to see the dentist if I have a problem.

Fact: Dental issues like gum disease and cavities can progress for a while without any symptoms. Regular exams and cleanings every six months will catch any problems before they can gain a foothold. Your dentist in West Chester, OH, can ...

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Why Are Modern Humans More Prone to Tooth Decay Than Our Ancestors?

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Any dentist in West Chester will tell you that teeth have undergone an evolution since ancient times. For example, we have smaller teeth and smaller jaws today than did our ancestors who lived 25,000 years ago. Canine teeth were larger, as were molars, reflecting the type of diet they ate back then. 

Humans had wisdom teeth in the past, which were necessary for chewing, but today’s smaller jaws generally cannot accommodate these large, third molars.

Tooth decay has also become more prevalent—even though thousands of years ago, people didn’t brush their teeth at all. Let’s take a look at ancient times versus now.

Ancient Diets Versus Today’s Diets

Thousands of years ago, people ate ...

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What Can I Do About the White Spots On My Teeth?

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West Chester residents who are concerned about white spots on their teeth should always consult with their dentist. The good news is that although there are a number of different reasons for white spots on teeth, they are generally not serious from a medical standpoint. But if you are sensitive about them, here are the possible causes and treatments for them.

Reasons You Might Have White Spots On Your Teeth

One of the most common causes is “dental fluorosis.” This can be caused by taking in too much fluoride as a child. The condition itself is harmless.

Another reason for white spots is “enamel hypoplasia.” This means that a person’s tooth enamel hasn’t ...

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3 Myths and the Realities About Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer includes those cancers that develop in the tissues of the mouth, throat, tongue, and lips. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, nearly 50,000 news cases are diagnosed each year in the United States, usually occurring in those over the age of 40.

West Chester, OH dentist Joel R. Koch, DDS, includes a cancer screening in patients’ biannual dental checkups. There are plenty of misconceptions about oral cancer, and it is important to clarify what is a myth and what is the reality of this deadly disease.

Myth #1—I Don’t Smoke So I Am Not at Risk of Developing Oral Cancer

The reality is that anyone can ...

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Common Dental Terms You Should Know

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There is a popular nationwide ad campaign that attempts to educate viewers on a variety of topics such as education, diversity, and the environment. The premise behind the campaign is that the more viewers know, the better they can make more informed decisions.

The same holds true for your dental health. It can be difficult to ask questions while you are sitting in the dentist chair, so your 45241 dentist, Joel R. Koch, DDS, has put together a list of some of the dental terms you should know. Although the list is not complete, it does record some of the terms many patients are unfamiliar with or have a misunderstanding about.

If ...

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Dental Crowns and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Most people are aware of the use of dental crowns to repair a back molar that has been compromised by a large filling. Over the years, the filling—especially metal fillings, or amalgams—begins to fail and the tooth can develop hairline fractures. Because too much of the tooth structure has already been removed, the only option to preserve the tooth is a dental crown. Dental crowns are also used in our West Chester OH practice to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by a root canal.

But dental crowns are also used for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic Uses for Dental Crowns

If a tooth is discolored and resistant to teeth whitening, a dental ...

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5 Signs of Periodontal Disease to Look Out For

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Most people don’t realize how serious periodontal (gum) disease is—or just how common. Gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in adults. The problem is that many times, people don’t even realize they have it because they don’t visit their dentist regularly. Sometimes symptoms of gum disease don’t start showing up until the disease in its advanced form and irreversible.

If you are overdue for a dental checkup, the health of your gums could be in jeopardy. Call our West Chester practice, Joel R. Koch, DDS, to find out if you need gum disease treatment.

Signs of Gum Disease

  1. One of the earliest signs of periodontal disease is gums that ...

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