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The Long-Term Challenges of Tooth Loss

Permanent Tooth Replacement in West Chester

There are more consequences to tooth loss than a noticeable gap in your smile. If you don’t have the tooth replaced with a dental prosthetic, you also face long-term challenges that impact your quality of life.

Fortunately, you have several tooth replacement options to choose from including dental implants in West Chester, OH, that can eliminate all these concerns.

Self-Esteem Issues

A gap in your smile can diminish your self-image because you don’t look your best, and worse yet, others may make a snap judgment about you based on your appearance.

Emotional Consequences

There’s an emotional aspect to tooth loss too. Many people who have lost a tooth report feeling sad or ashamed about losing ...

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How an Implant Could Restore Your Quality of Your Smile... And Your Life!

Woman Applying Toothpaste | Dental Implants in West Chester OH

Losing a tooth, whether through trauma or decay, can be devastating. And its effects go far beyond pure aesthetics. When you are missing one or more teeth, even the most simple tasks such as chewing and speaking can become a challenge.

Dental implants are generally agreed upon to be the best replacement for missing teeth. Your dentist in West Chester, Joel R. Koch, DDS, has seen first-hand just how much dental implants can improve a person’s quality of life.

Dental Implants Restore Functionality

When you have a missing tooth, eating and speaking can become a challenge. Chewing with a gap in your teeth can be difficult, so suddenly you find yourself avoiding ...

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Common Misunderstandings about Dental Implants: Correcting the Confusion

Dentist with X-Ray | Dental Implants in West Chester

Dental implants have been around for a while as a tooth replacement option. Far better in terms of form and function than dentures, some people shy away from this breakthrough in dental technology. In some cases, the main reason is that of the misunderstandings they have about dental implants.

Let’s take a look at some of these myths about dental implants so you can make an informed decision about tooth replacement with your West Chester, OH dentist.

Myth #1—People Can Tell You Have Dental Implants

Unlike dentures, particularly those in the past, which were quite obviously fake, dental implants blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. If you have a ...

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Keeping Our Patients Informed: The Facts about Dental Implants

Dental Implants in West Chester OH | Dental Implant Model

A recent study in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery concluded that patients are not always getting good information about dental implants. In fact, they might even be getting misleading or incorrect information.

Our goal is always to keep our patients informed and educated so they can make the best possible decisions about their oral health. If you are getting dental implants in West Chester, you deserve to know the facts!

Facts About Dental Implants

Dental Implant Surgery Is Not Complicated

The word “surgery” can be a scary one. But patients should know that dental implant surgery is predictable. As long as you have enough jawbone to support dental implants and ...

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